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Grow Your Medical Practice By Attracting More Patients

IMPACT! Brand Communications is a Healthcare marketing agency, focused on helping medical practices, dentists and hospitals attract more patients and grow their business. Our deep specialisation in the medical sector, means we know how to get consistent results for you, while navigating within industry regulations.

Who We Work Best With

From experience, our team works best with medical practices that are committed to growing their business. Does any the following sound familiar to you?  

  • Up & Coming: You have just started your medical practice. While you understand the need to market yourself, you don’t know where to start. You need a marketing partner that will help you establish a strong name for your practice and get in new patients fast.
  • High Growth: Your medical practice is established and you want to grow it faster and becomee a leader in your market. Perhaps you’re looking to expand to more locations or you’re looking to add more associates and more staff. You understand that you need a consistent way to attract patients and word-of-mouth is not enough.
  • Refresh: Your medical practice is stagnating and you’re not sure why. Maybe it’s because of more competition. Or maybe word-of-mouth is no longer bringing in new patients. Whatever the case is, you need to reinvigorate your marketing efforts and start attracting new patients again.


Why Your Medical Practice Needs Digital Marketing

We understand that as a physician, marketing your practice may not be your second nature. However, this is the competitive reality that all owners of medical practices need to adjust to.

In today’s digital age, patients are researching online for solutions to their healthcare concerns and medical problems. Often a patient would have researched thoroughly about their doctor even before scheduling their first appointment. That means if your medical practice is not prominent online or does not project a brand image that inspires confidence, you are losing out on a lot of potential patients.

How We Can Help You Medical Practice

Here at IMPACT! Brand Communications, we have a proven methodology for marketing your medical practice. When you engage us, we will work with you to build a digital marketing roadmap that can help you attract more patients and grow your business. Once we have your commitment, we will then work closely with you to achieve results for your medical practice.

If that sounds like what you are looking for, then it’s time for us to discuss this further. To request for a proposal, simply fill the form below. Our team will be in touch within one working day to schedule a consultation with you.


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