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Integrating marketing automation technology for business growth has been practiced by 49% of companies, where 55% are B2B companies according to UK’s top digital marketing news website, TheDrum. The growth has been attributed to its effectiveness in terms of lead generation that eventually results to sales growth. This has also resulted to inevitable increase of the number of companies offering this business service like IMPACT Brand Communications. In Singapore, most businesses are opting to hire marketing automation agency so the company saves time and resources instead of doing it manually.


What is Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a technology that allows the company to operate its marketing functions and processes with the help of a software. Repetitive tasks like sending emails to customers is set automatically through intended schedule. The human intervention only happens at setting up and modifying the pre-made email content as the user sees fit. This makes the company focus more on business core tasks for a more efficient operations.

IMPACT Brand Communications offers marketing automation services to help you grow your business. Although this is automated, setting up the content and scheduling takes time, consumes your time in learning and defining your goals. This is why you have to hire IMPACT Brand Communications to implement this in your behalf, and leave all your worries behind.

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Why IMPACT Brand Communications is Your Ultimate Marketing Automation Agency?

We have been molded by years of experience and has already successfully implemented numerous marketing automation strategies for businesses. With Sharpspring as our brand tool for marketing automation services, you can be able to generate leads and eventually sales over time through lead generation and email marketing. You just need to define your business goals, then we’ll help you meet these goals.

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