Building A Better Digital Marketing Agency

Building A Better Digital Marketing Agency

As a young company, we have often been asked just what is our strategy when it comes to being an effective digital marketing agency. What is the competitive advantage that lets our business grow, and helps us work with some of the most leading brands around?

Honestly, there has been no secret ingredient or magical formula. Rather, it’s our continual focus on building a better digital marketing agency that has helped keep us ahead of the pack.

So, here’s what that means in more practical terms:

1) As A Digital Marketing Agency, We Focus On The Cutting Edge

To stay at the forefront of online marketing, we’re constantly trying new things in our in-house projects. Whether it’s strategies, technologies or platforms, our team painstakingly monitors developments and trends in order to maintain our cutting edge.

We then distill the knowledge and insights we learn from our most successful projects and turn them into digital strategies that can be applied to our clients’ campaigns. We also share this knowledge freely with our retainer clients through regular briefings. In this way, our clients get to benefit from our digital innovation, providing them with a huge competitive advantage in growing their business.

2) We Focus On Impact

Here’s the reality: while digital marketing encompasses a wide spectrum, clients only have a finite amount of budget and resources. Therefore, it’s only logical to focus on strategies that can make the most business impact (pardon the pun) in both the short and medium term.

In our view, the four main pillars of effective digital marketing right now are:
• Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
• Content Marketing
• Online Lead Generation
• Marketing Automation

By integrating these four pillars into a digital marketing programme, we’re able to deliver a highly systematic and targeted approach to online marketing. As a result, we are able to build our client’s digital brand faster, give them a stronger online presence, and help increase conversions consistently without burning through budgets and resources.

3) We Focus On Technology, Healthcare and B2B

In his best-selling book Outliers, author Malcolm Gladwell put forth the theory that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to achieve mastery in a certain field.

In a similar vein, we believe it’s important to achieve a deep understanding of a business category to be an effective marketing partner. This is why we made the decision a few years ago to focus on three specific sectors: technology, healthcare and B2B. Doing so has helped us develop a keen understanding and insight into these industries, including what strategies work best in getting the results we want.

4) We Focus On Staying Streamlined

It’s important for brands to be quick in capturing new opportunities and adapting to changes. And they need their partners to be the same too. That’s why we have streamlined our team structure and processes, and have geared them towards providing a faster and more agile response to the needs of our clients.

Like the best tech startups, we have adopted a process of rapid prototyping, iterative design and agile development in our digital projects. We also believe in fully leveraging technology to get things done better and faster, with more efficiency and more automation.

Making Progress In Our Own Way

While we’re not perfect by any means, we believe that our focus on these four aspects is helping us become a better digital marketing agency each day.

And what all this means for our clients is that they get to benefit from our progress. As we become a better digital marketing agency, we also become better at helping them meet their business challenges.

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