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6 Online Tools That Increased Our Agency Productivity

Here at IMPACT, we’re on a constant quest to become more organised and increase our work productivity.

A huge part of how we’re able to get things done better and faster are the online tools and software we use. In every part of … Read More

Building A Better Digital Marketing Agency

As a young company, we have often been asked just what is our strategy when it comes to being an effective digital marketing agency. What is the competitive advantage that lets our business grow, and helps us work with some … Read More

Why Facebook Is The PPC Ad Platform of Choice Right Now

Getting online traffic is the lifeblood of digital marketing campaigns. The more targeted online users you can drive to your website and landing pages, the better your odds of increasing online leads and sales conversions.

Right at this moment, Facebook … Read More

8 Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring a Web Design Agency

In today’s digital world, it’s become increasingly critical for businesses to have a strong online presence. That’s why a quality website is a must – to help establish online credibility, build a digital brand and influence new sales. Web design is … Read More

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