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IMPACT! helps businesses drive increased ROI from their MarTech (marketing technology) investments. Our team of MarTech specialists provide support for each step of the way, from selection to implementation to optimisation.

Increasing ROI From Your MarTech Stack

Marketing technology (MarTech) is the use of software to automate and improve marketing processes. It can be used to help brands manage their customer relationships, improve customer experience and sell more products. 

Marketing automation software can help you reach more customers, engage them more effectively and convert them into paying customers. A recent study by Salesforce showed that companies using marketing automation software have an average revenue increase of 42%. They also found that companies using marketing automation also saw a significant increase in leads and qualified prospects. 

IMPACT! has been helping businesses with their marketing, so we know what works and what doesn’t. Marketing Technology (MarTech) has changed dramatically in recent years and we always keep up-to-date with new developments so that we can deliver the most effective solution for our clients. 

MarTech (Marketing Technology) Expertise

At IMPACT! we believe that the best way to approach marketing technology for your brand is via a full-service approach. We work closely with you to develop your marketing strategy and then find the right solutions to meet your goals. Our team of analysts and engineers have developed a deep understanding of the technologies and methodologies that will help you achieve your goals. We’ve worked with some of the largest brands to develop custom solutions and are ready to do the same for you.:

  • CRM Setup and Implementation
  • Customer Journey Optimisation
  • Hubspot Implementaton
  • Marketo Implementation
  • Salesforce Implementation n
  • Marketing and Revenue Attribution 
  • MarTech and SalesTech Integration 

Industry-Specific MarTech Implementations

While IMPACT! is capable of supporting martech implementation for any business, we have a key focus on supporting industries in the Technology, B2B, Healthcare and Financial Services space: 

  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) 
  • Enterprise Technoloy 
  • IT Service Providers 
  • Manufacturing and Industrial Services
  • Logistics and Supply Chain        
  • Healthcare (Public and Private) 
  • Pharmaceutical and MedTech
  • Banking and Financial Services
  • Insurance and Investment Services
  • Fintech and Digital Payment Services
  • Higher Education  

Some of the brands we work with


MarTech (Marketing Technology) FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Short for Marketing Technology, MarTech points to all the technology used to create, communicate, and deliver the offerings a company has. An example of a MarTech is CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

As technology in general evolves quite rapidly, the landscape for MarTech follows suit. Knowing which MarTech solutions to use is essential if you want your company to facilitate growth and reach.

There are a variety of them that will suit each of your needs and goals but some of them include, but not limited to, email marketing, content management systems, customer experience software, and customer relationship management software.

We use data we collect to create better campaigns and better creatives, we align software and tools to better suit your organization’s needs, we establish and middle ground between IT and marketing, and, should we need to, break out of legacy organizational systems.

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