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IMPACT! helps B2B companies build Demand Generation programmes, underpinned by strategic insights into your product positioning, customer persona and market conditions.

Grow Your Business with Demand Gen

Demand generation is a marketing tactic used by companies to generate demand for their product or service. The goal of demand generation is to increase the number of potential customers for your product or service. In today’s digital world, there are more than 2 billion internet users worldwide and the number continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Your competitors are also looking for ways to get more customers. If you don’t have a strong demand generation strategy in place, your business will fall behind the competition.

If you don’t have an expert team on board to help you with your demand generation efforts, you will find it difficult to compete with other companies in your industry. Our team at Digital Marketing Singapore has been helping companies across different sectors improve their digital marketing campaigns for years now. We know how to create high-quality content that will attract new customers and engage existing ones while maintaining their trust – all without spending too much time and money on these efforts.

We are the best demand generation agency for your company because we have a proven track record of delivering results. Our team has experience in helping businesses achieve their goals, whether it’s generating more leads or gaining a competitive advantage.

Demand Generation Expertise

IMPACT! is a full-service Demand Generation agency. Our team of Demand Generation Strategists, Creative/Digital Specialists and Inside Sales Specialists bring together their expertise in delivering:

  • Demand Generation Strategy and Insights 
  • Product, Market, Message Fit 
  • Customer Personas, Messaging 
  • CRM and Marketing Automation
  • Digital and Content Production
  • Email Marketing, Inside Sales
  • LinkedIn Marketing, Social Selling 

Demand Generation For Targeted Industries

Here at IMPACT, we provide demand generation services to most B2B sectors. Additionally, we focus on specific industries using inherent understanding of their characteristics and what actually works: 

  • Cloud Computing, Data Centres   
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data Protection and Backup 
  • Precision Engineering 
  • Logistics and Supply Chain 
  • Energy and Infrastructure        
  • MedTech and Life Sciences

Some of the brands we work with


Demand Generation FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Your marketing strategy is composed of two important elements: demand generation and lead generation. Demand generation brings you attention and gives people a reason to get excited about what you’re selling. Lead generation takes interested prospects and gives them obvious opportunities to hop in when they feel so-moved.

It is preferable to have in-house content creation, but if this is not possible—or affordable—it’s important to find someone who fully understands the purpose of your content and knows your target audience. At IMPACT! we employ in-house designers and content creators to help you achieve your demand and marketing goals.

The key difference between traditional content and demand generation is a switch in purpose. The main goal of your content becomes to provide value, in-feed and on-site. Whereas previous content was aimed at creating long-form gated pieces to generate leads. This switch in focus means a switch in roles. Split your content creators into those who stick to an SEO plan, and those focused on creating ‘journalistic content’. SEO is still important, but journalistic writers can write about exciting, current topics and create expert-led content. As your audience grows, this is the content that demonstrates your expertise and drives demand.

When switching from a lead-generation to a demand-generation model, it is important to be realistic. Switching too quickly can lead to bad results, so it is best to create a transition period in which you continue running your existing lead generation strategy while working on building the demand generation machine. In order to keep your demand generation campaigns consistently producing results, you must focus on capturing current demand while also building new campaigns to capture all possible demand.

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