Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends and Tactics in Singapore (Updated 2020)

As the global pandemic changed Singapore and the whole world, it also changed the world of digital marketing to unprecedented heights. While Singapore’s general populace is cooped up in their homes depending on their everyday living on their mobile phones and the internet, companies, and industries have to switch full force to digital when it comes to marketing.

Social Media Marketing Campaigns in Singapore

Businesses need to calibrate their digital marketing strategies and campaigns this 2020 to adjust to the “new normal”. To do that, knowledge of the top 5 digital marketing trends statistics in Singapore and the world is a must.

Singapore love social media. As based on the latest statistics, 83% of the population have social media accounts. Most of them or 69% prefer smartphones to access their social media accounts and every day, they spend around 2 hours and 6 minutes on it.

As to gender, Singaporean women (50.6%) use social media more than men (49.4%). The top 5 most visited social media platforms in Singapore are Whatsapp (73%), Youtube (71%), Facebook (70%), Instagram (40%), and Facebook Messenger (42%).

Moreover, most online shoppers or (16%) share their shopping experience on social media than other platforms.

SEO and content marketing in Singapore

In a study, it was found that 88 % of online shoppers conduct pre-research online before making a purchase. They are more likely to visit content platforms like blogs and news websites to gather information on a product than clicking directly at ads.

That’s why digital marketers believe that creating relevant content is one of the most reliable and effective SEO tactics in the digital world. 69% of B2B marketers around the world employ content strategy.

Mobile Marketing and advertising in Singapore

Around 75% of the total population of Singapore or more than 4.5 million are active mobile phone users and 95% of them search for information online via mobile or smartphones. In 2019 alone, mobile marketing and ads have accounted for 72% of digital spending around the world.

Almost all digital marketers or 90% attest that mobile marketing really works, and two-thirds of them have already incorporated mobile marketing as a regular marketing strategy.

Segmented email campaigns in Singapore

Almost all Singaporeans have email considering that 93% of the population use the Internet everyday. The majority or 76% of them check their emails mostly every week. A study also revealed that reading personal emails is the number 1 activity that Singaporeans do online garnering a whopping 90% as compared to online messaging (79%), social media (71%), work (57%), news and sports updates (53%), and gaming (29%).

Most Singaporeans or 62% of them also tend to trust personal ads sent through their emails which they signed up for more than intrusive advertisements over the internet. With that, using targeted email campaigns as part of a business digital marketing strategy would be very profitable.

Video marketing in Singapore

In Singapore, a business website using videos to capture their target audience’s attention has a higher (4.8%) chance of passing their message than those sites that do not use videos (2.9%).

In a 2020 report conducted by Wyzowl, they found that most of the video marketers also attest that video marketing gives them high ROI (89%), helps with lead generation (83%), increases their website traffic (87%), and boosts sales (80%).   


Digital marketing trends are constantly evolving and we think the above mentioned trends are the most effective digital marketing tactic being used in Singapore this 2020 as based on the research of various institutions over the years. What do you think? What marketing trends do you believe should have been included here? Let us know. 

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